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Originally from New Jersey, Krista recently moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to start as an MFA candidate in sculpture at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She previously worked as an art educator and professional furniture refurbisher but decided to pursue a master’s degree to expand her art practice.

Initially working in wood and resin, she moved into installation sculpture. Currently, the art focuses on historical women’s work such as weaving, inspiration from color, especially the high contrast found in charcoal drawings on white paper, and the ability for viewers to interact with the sculptures.

Often in her work, you can find a curved diamond shape, pointed at the top and bottom with rounded sides. This shape is reminiscent of feminine forms, such as the curvature of a woman’s body, and she finds it inherently feminine. Often this form is less intentional and more ideation of the subconscious. Krista uses personal insecurities and political issues as her vehicle to create.

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